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Thursday, December 16, 2004

TrollHack's Fookin' Christmas Wish List

Buy me this stuff, and I won't turn the Hack-o-tron 2000 on your cheap computer!

Let's here it then... Father Christmas doesn't like me anymore, so I'm asking you blokes to make this a Merry Fookin' Christmas for the hacker of the century!


Especially "Mr. Hops".... I really like those.


  • At December 18, 2004 at 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'd like to address the unlicensed activity of "Mr. Hops". This rabbit is currently not licensed by the California board of Bunny Slippers, and this is a felony according to statute 10115:23. I think Mr. Hops should be *hic* drawn and quarted, flayed alive *glug glug glug* and then arrested for treason.

    Another thing, I'm sick and tired of people who *glug glug* are always complaining and ranting about people on lists, and blogs. *hic* Becaush that's the kind of behavior which makes people think you are a busybody *glug glug glug glug* with noshing to do all day but drink a lot of the old hooch (I'm enjoying some "Old Grandad" myself right noww.) and point out the faultsh of other peoples.

    Also, did you know that Mr. Hops is *hic* an unlicensed bunny wabbit? *glug glug glug* That somfonobish is really started to get up my crack. *hic*.... *hic* *glug glug* I'm so damn sick and tired of hish bllusiht that I'm really gonna... really gonna...

    Hey Trollhack, hi... hi Trollhack... *glug glug* wannna drink with me? Huh? I know you're a drinker so don't you goddam tell me I've had too mush to drrink. Who are you to... what? So, where's your liccensh mr. Hacker god? The Cafilornia Broad of LicenSing saysh yer not a licensed hacker god... and that's jusht fine with me... becaush I love you Trollhack *glug glug* *hic*... errr... I really love you man! (Excuse me... crying... hang on)

    Oh, you knoww misterr Hopsh? He's a dirty bashtard... tee hee *glug glug*... he doeshn't have a... a... driversh licenseses. So he'd better let me drive... cause I drive betterrr when I'm drinking... I'M NOT DRUNK!!! oh yeh? Well, go to hell, i HATE you Trollhack! Drity rottn...

    Oh yeah... tell Mr. Hopshc that I'm gonnna... get him some more of this adult beverage for drinking.. that's what I need.

    By the way, this is the stupidesht blog I've everr *hic*... stupidesht blog... *hic*... I love you TrolHack!

    I better go, need to drain the lizard... I mean... well, you know HA HA HA what I mean... ohhhh boy.


    LuLu Larkis *hic*
    God Blesh Amerrica
    Some agency or another HA HA HA oh boy... I gotta siddown.

    P.S. Mr. Hopsh is a bunny wabbit... HA HA HEE!


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