TrollHack's Hack-o-rama

Monday, February 28, 2005

I expressing my fookin' opinion!

All of you fookin' losers is bollocks, and I talk you what I say!

I'm so tired of people telling me I'm a "Script Kiddie". What the fook is that all about? I invent the hack-o-tron 2000, right? You're all a bunch of the part that comes out of dogs bum, is all. I know all that and more!

I've got lots of stuff prove I'm real hacker god, and if I wasn't sworn by secrecy act of 1912 I qwould prove it all you.

If you don't understnad that, then start drinking. I am drinking lots and it makes perfect sense to me! I drink and I still smarter than you. You're all bollocks, and dog bottoms, and uggly, where I big and tall and much lifting.

Lstly, whoever said I was pointless, and had no point, was barking up the wrong fookin' tree. I matter, and if I wasn't out here to tell you what fookin' idgits you were, who would?? Huh? How would you know you were so stupid?

Sod off, I going to pub to refuel my righteous anger.

TrollHack (All your base are secure)